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Sunday, June 12, 2016

New York City Scholastic Art and Writing Awards!


If you haven't heard the story, check out the blog I created to explain the whole Scholastics ordeal! It is quite the fairytale. To sum it up: Abe is 1 of 8 students invited to New York City to receive a National Gold Metal for his Portfolio in Art! 

Here are pictures from the AMAZING trip to New York City!!! We both got to go to Carnegie Hall to witness Abe walk across the stage as well as seeing his name on the wall of a gallery in Manhattan. To see Abe's work up-close, he has a new personal website:


 Carnegie Hall in New York!!!
And Abe has his name on the wall outside!!! 

At the Roosevelt Hotel!
Abe and his new gold metal!
Adventures in Time Square!

As for Naar and I: after getting off the plane, and the train, and the taxi, we're there!! That evening, we met the Cone family and waited in line for Carnegie Hall. The place was fully packed! All the gold key winners were sitting on the main floor, while Naar and I got premium balcony seats!

Apparently backstage, Abe was meeting Mr. Alec Baldwin, Tim Gunn, and other speakers! 

Look closely! It's US!

After listening to inspiring speeches by Alec Baldwin and Sonia Manzano (from Sesame Street), the gold key portfolio winners were announced. Each art winner had a 10 second video to introduce them before they walked onto the stage! The video was accompanied by all of their artwork for everyone to see! What an honor! 


Some of the other speakers were also amazing. Our personal favorites were Ken Burns and Tim Gunn. They were very inspiring! 

The award ceremony was spectacular!!! We managed to see Abe in the foyer for 2 minutes before he was swept off to be famous again! This is the only picture we have from the whole event because it was so crazy!!! 

Later that night, after the event we went to visit the Empire State Building! It was lit in gold to honor all the gold key medalists! Instead of going up to the top in the fog, we sat on a beach and freaked out about all the gritty details from Carnegie Hall (mostly how the heck did Abe get a selfie with Alec Baldwin!?)



*Intensely discussing email account choices.

Abe, National Gold Metalist, after the craziest night ever! Ready to see all the artwork tomorrow! 


The biggest art show I could ever imagine for the BEST HIGH SCHOOL ARTISTS in America!! The show was hosted at Parsons and Pratt (both amazing Art Schools in New York). The gallery was packed and all the artwork was amazing.

Abe with his name on the wall! 

Oh hey, Abe has his name on the wall but so do we!!!! 
...It's just tiny.

Too many people were swarming his work, so they had to wait! 

After meeting adoring fans, Abe and the other portfolio winners had to talk about their artwork in front of everyone! Their whole portfolio was put on display while they talked about their journey to New York City! 

The show was winding down and we had one last walk through the Parsons Gallery. Abe had done it. I still can't believe we actually made it to this point. After all the hard work, Abe earned his place on the wall next to the other insanely talented artists and writers. He showed his work in New York City and was one of the top High School Artists in the country. Incredible. Thank you, Abe, for being an inspiration to everyone around you. This was the highlight of my career so far and I'm so excited to see where you go next. 

Kudos to you, Abraham Cone.

Goodbye and Goodluck, 
CHS Art Department 

First finding out about New York

And at the end of the journey...

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