Rutherford Art Classes

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thank goodness for SPRING!!!

Hello from the Art Room!! We have been missing for the last couple months because we got a twitter and discovered instant gratification! has been a crazy winter. We haven't posted since December and so much has happened! We had three students win top prizes in the Scholastic Awards- the most prestigious art awards in America! Congrats to Abe, Tom and Sam! We have more art shows on the horizon and the Art Extravaganza in April. So much stuff going on in the art room! But for now, let's enjoy some of the amazing work by Chelsea students.... 

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 Kolten did a fish woodburing. His first! 
 Ruthanne made this beautiful mask with iron oxcide, glaze and wire whiskers. 

Dana with her winning piece.

Olivia and two of her many portraits! 

Aiden's goofy plexi! Love it. 

Clay dinosaurs (real dinos!) by Hope. 

 Marielle's Grandfather. A beautiful ebony portrait. 

Love this mask!

Dexter plexi by Nick.

 Sam's scholastic award winning work! Encounters....

 And....Sam's watercolor/ink bird!

Joe is a dot master!!

 Box of  shadow boxes by Art and Design students! 

Zach working on Screen-printing! A very complicated process he learned this trimester! 

 Roy's creatures. 

Precision painting. 

 Abe's carved lino octopus! Won a gold key in the scholastic awards! 
THIS WAS THE BEST PRINT IN THE REGION out of 6200 entries!!! 

Coil Mugs! 

 Beth's pencil drawing! 

 Linocut by Zach. My favorite medium. 

 Plexi master, Dana, worked on this personal piece this trimester. 

A portrait of Hailey's sister in oil. 

 Beautiful pop art by Olivia. Our own Tasmanian devil. 

 Another Sydney scratch-board! 

So... this. Is amazing. This is a carved stamp by Abe. 
We had to go to Eastern Michigan to print these beautiful birds. 
An edition of 5. 

Scratchboard (done with a pin tool) by Sydney. 
This is actually the most insane thing... look at that neck!!

 Pop art in Art and Design 

Olivia's amazing shoes. 

My 3rd hour boys making weird creatures....

Dana's beautiful bracelet.

Shadowbox with Lily.

Hope is at it again with this loony bird. 

Intro shadowboxes based on legends or fables.

Jack's birds.

Look! Science! 

 This is one of four shoes being painted for the VANS yearly competition! Close up pictures later :)