Rutherford Art Classes

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Welcoming Winter

What a crazy Fall trimester! I can't believe it's already over. Here are some highlights to the trimester, including artwork! We were booked in October and November! First, we took some of our most talented artists to Grand Rapids for National Portfolio Day! It was awesome and the kids got a lot of great feedback. Then in November, Mrs. Naar and I went to Lansing for the MAEA (Michigan Art Educators Association) meeting. It was a long weekend and a success. Keep up with everything we are doing now at our Twitter: @CHS_art_dept. 

Roy and Abe are waiting in line for Michigan! 

The girls and Mrs. Naar! 

Penny, Mrs. Naar and I attended the MAEA conference! 

Mrs. Naar and I wore the same outfit this month without even planning on it! We are always on the same wavelength. 

Without further ado, enjoy some great Art from the end of the Trimester!! 

Owl from Emma W.

Shaunna C. made a beautiful lentil bead!

Kiln ready for firing! 

Hogwarts metal piece from Emmah B. 

Pot from Stephanie! 

Erin K's beautiful owl. 

Buggy from Josie E. 

Nice job, Julia V. 

Cori with her HUGE pot! 

Julia V. at it again! 

Nice one, Katheryn! 

Nick B. made a unique poster! 

Abe C. is working on Abe C. #selfie 

Mary H. at it again....

Alli made a great pot!! 

Jacob B. is a plexi master :) 

Ben T. is becoming a pro at this technique!

Sarah M. is the queen of shadow boxes! 

The boys look a little crazy- but they're just throwing! 

Ben V. made a tribute to Frida! Nice one!