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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Business as Usual

Art Room Mania 

Well, it's been a couple weeks since I've posted but Chelsea High School was caught up with Break Fever and I was sucked in as well. It's now January and we are almost four weeks into the second trimester. I am teaching Ceramics and Studio again but I have also picked up a Drawing and Painting class. This is a post of the work from the past couple weeks! 

A beautiful shadowbox by a Studio Art student. He used multicolored 
paper and foam to separate the three layers. 

 Ella works on a human skull. 

 Abraham did some skull studies as well as a sketchbook assignment 
for the words "cold shoulder".
 Madison did a series based on the artist Keith Haring! 
It turned out great :)

 Two interesting sketchbook assignments by Nicole and Abraham. 

 An interesting caricature by Kayla. She has a very specific style. 

 Bailey made this Eminem poster using a large stencil.
 It's out of this world ;)
 This wonderful design turned out after a student 
studied the work of a local photographer.

 These are beautiful blind contour drawings by Amy. 

 Sam studied Mucha for his Studio Art project and he 
designed his own version of the four seasons. 

 Sasha studied Roy Liechtenstein and tweaked his wording 
to make this beautiful work a little more modern. 

 Emily did this amazing eye just for fun! It's beautiful and unique.

Our case is getting very full! Lot's of amazing art this trimester!


  1. The talent in your classes is amazing! I enjoy seeing them on your blog.

    Mrs. Sprague

  2. Thanks MaryAnn!! They are a pretty talented bunch!