Rutherford Art Classes

Friday, September 6, 2013

Still is not the Life

The first week is done and while there were a couple bumpy moments, each class is doing well and excited to be part of the art department.

Ceramics made texture wheels, crests, patterned bowls and extraordinarily tall and skinny mugs. They will be fired after the weekend and then we can start glazing the lot!  

Jewelry got a introduction into sawing and they are designing a negative /positive piece of jewelry that they will sand down and buff to be bright and shiny. 

Studio art is working on a still life project where they get to use any design techniques for the final product. The projects are going to be a variety of interpretations of the concept of still life. Many are colorful and full of life. 

Maria and Kylie did a contour line drawing and painted between the lines. 

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